Finnish (Suomi)

My beautiful, little dungeon is located near to the centre of Helsinki and looks very unnoticeable from the outside. You can also visit me without worrying about being labelled as a pervert. You cannot find my address from these pages - neither will you receive it by phone. I will meet you somewhere nearby in my “civil” clothes and discreetly take you to the dungeon myself. This way we are also trying to keep your visits to my place as a secret.

My studio has:

  • Cozy reception area for the session interviews
  • Clinic room with the gynecologist chair and rather exhaustive collection of medical equipment
  • Toilet, shower, and dressing room
  • Make-up corner for transvestite/transsexual games
  • Sleeping cell for the overnight sessions
  • Dungeon with lots of equipment

My dungeon is cozy, clean, and quiet and needless to say that all the Mistresses and their treatment is absolutely high-class.