Finnish (Suomi)

You are able to realise many different kinds of sessions from soft to extreme with me. Your session is always made-to-measure - I have no such thing as “typical session” as I want to keep things fresh and interesting. After all we are all individuals and have individual fantasies and desires.

Before the session you can contact me by email or by phone to ask me any questions and tell me something about your fantasies. This way I am able to find out whether I will be the right person to fulfil them. I’ve never offered escort services and neither will do, so anyone asking for it should not bother.

If your fantasies fit into my repertoire, we will agree the session time and take it from there. If you for some reason, cannot make it to the appointment or will be late, I naturally expect you to let me know it as soon as possible.

Before your session begins, we will still discuss your fantasies and go them through together. I can easily read things and fantasies agreed by email again just before your session, so if you feel to be shy and find it hard to speak up, I highly recommend the email. That way you can study your thoughts in peace and write them down before the meeting. And please always remember to mention any possible health problems you might have before the session, so that I will be aware of it. If you have a diabetes, please take your own snack with you to the session.

Your appointment starts only after the session begins! Our discussion about the contents of the session and your fantasies and anything that happens before the session (you might eg want to have a shower) doesn’t shorten your appointment.

Don’t write a complete script for your session. It would be boring and unsurprising both for you and me. I rather pick up the best parts of your fantasies and add some treats I believe that you will enjoy.