Finnish (Suomi)
Me Sodomya

I am experienced and talented lifestyle Mistress.

My inspiration started from a hobby and changed into work lon time ago, and I still enjoy playing in my free time as well.

Challenging job that is still interesting year after year must be a dream come true for us all - I am fortunate enough to belong to them who have been able convert their beloved hobby into their forte too. Not only to make my living from it but also to use more time and resources to develop myself in this magnificent, sensual type of art.

Visually I am impressive tall adult woman.

Here are some of my thoughts about the sexuality, sensuality, Power, pain and pleasure:

I think that the core of the human sexuality doesn’t lie between the legs like so many unfortunately seem to think, but slightly higher, between the ears. Information sent through senses is registered by the brain and by shutting some senses you can enrich the others. What a wonderful kingdom of senses! People very seldom consider sadomasochism sexuality, but I do highly believe in it.

When people ask me what I find the sexiest in a man or a woman I always answer, the brain. Beautiful eyes, firm buttocks or upright breasts are certainly pleasant to watch, but such a waste if the head above them is empty.

I love using the power - it makes me feel strong, omnipotent goddess. The state after a good session is euphoric also for the dominant part. Using the power should, however, naturally always involve responsibility and trust as well. Power that is used in my sessions is always based on mutual agreement.