Finnish (Suomi)

The Clinic

klinikka.jpgThe clinic contains a gynecologist chair and a very comprehensive range of medical instruments.

  • Gynecologist chair
  • Catheterization equipment (outer and inner catheters and urine bags).
  • Probes for spreading the urethra (the electricity can also be connected to these)
  • Sterilization oven (for sterilizing the equipment)
  • Enema equipment
  • Anal- and vaginal spreaders (also disposable proctoscopes).
  • Mouth spreader, tongue spatula and dentist equipment
  • Bandages, spatulas, air spatulas and plaster for bondage
  • Electro-stimulation equipment (tens, shock, violet wand)
  • Hose clamps (various kinds of excellent clamps)
  • Bottle for urine and bed pan.
  • Costumes for operations, caps, breathing masks, mattresses...
  • Needles, syringes, piercing equipment and piercing jewelry.
  • Metal dildos and -plugs (great for hot and cold treatments)
  • Vacuum pumps

And lots of others... the selection increases all the time.