Finnish (Suomi)


Do you want to be your Mistresses doormat, shoe shining machine, servant, cleaner, a worthless worm next to your Goddesses feet. Do you want to be severly told off and feel the sting of each word. What is your domination fantasy, physical, verbal or mental?


When was the last time you blushed with shame. Would you like to have your Mistress humiliate you, question your manhood, with her slashing sharp tongue or would you dare to submit into public humiliation.


Sadistic personality as I am, giving a really good spanking is incredibly fun. Whip, crop and rattan so hard that your behind is covered in a beautiful tiger stripes in all colors of the rain bow. Clamps, weights, electricity, needles... You will squirm like a fish in a hook. Agony, pain, crying and grinding of teeth until the endorfins kicks in. If like to try your pain threshold I'm more that willing to help you out. Hard pain can delivered also without any marks.


Being tied up increases the intensity in many sessions. Just like the thin line between pain and pleasure, the loss of freedom can be liberating, being tied up can be an excellent liberator of inhibitions.


Many times when I've been speaking about fetishes, I've heard a quoestion: "What does it mean?" This word means the object of worshipping. Let's check out the word fetish from a dictionary (portuguese feitico, < latin factitius = done) magic item,  worshipped holy object. - fetishism, worship of holy objects. What the fetishism means to you is a different thing altogether. Socks, shoes, feet, rubber, leather, corsets, long nails, heavy make up, beautiful woman smoking a cigarette. What is the object of your worship?

Role playing

Role playing is good way to get free from inhibitions and be someone else for a while. You can make various role playing fantasies come true with me. Would you like to be a horse, prisoner, doctors/nurses patient, a student in a tutoring or a detention under a strict teacher. There's a lot of option and only the imagination is the limit.

Slave girl sessions

It is possible to get a slave girl into your session. Please read more about slave girls and possibilities from the Other stars section.