Finnish (Suomi)


The rates depend on the length of the session.

  • 0,5 hour session - 120€
  • 1  hour  session - 200e
  • 1,5  hour  session - 300€
  • 2  hour  session - 400€
  • 3  hour  session - 500€

Also longer, 24 hour or whole weekend sessions can be arranged.

If you are interested in being tied up, I can offer you an option that is cheaper than normal sessions. Bondage only sessions contains the tying ja being tied up. No other activities! Tying can be done in several ways: Using rope, leather restrains, hand and ankle cuffs as well as with heavier metal manacles and chains, vacuum bed, cable ties, packaging plastic, duct tape etc... During the bondage also various kinds of hoods, gags, blindfolds, nose and lip hooks can be used.

During the bondage you are always under my supervision!